Project management and software consultancy

Project management and software consultancy

Management of projects and consultancy services

Defining and managing projects

It's easy enough to have an idea for a project in mind, but much more difficult to visualise how it may be implemented. That's where our software consultancy and project management services can come into their own. Call on our expertise to help you achieve your end result, freeing up your own time and enabling your in-house staff to concentrate on current projects.

The WyeTec development team have between them a wealth of experience in many different software development environments, balanced with continual development and evaluation of new technologies. We'll provide an unbiased, honest and realistic appraisal of your intended proposal and assist in defining what your actual objectives are, including writing a full specification for your plan should you require this.

Bringing your project to fruition

Having helped you to define the objectives of your project, we can then consider how we might best realise them. What technologies are appropriate? What limitations are there? Would some minor changes in specification improve the final result?

Let us use our techncial knowledge and skills to minimise the stress of your decision-making. You may also wish to employ our specialist software development services to realise your goal.

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