Project Confidentiality

How we work with our clients on projects of a commercially-sensitive nature

Project Confidentiality

Safeguarding your intellectual property and design ideas before, during and after development

Many projects are of a commercially-sensitive nature, especially those involving new product development, security systems or safety-critical applications. Much of the work we undertake is cutting-edge new development; thus we treat all customers and projects with the strictest confidentiality as a matter of course. To further safeguard your interests and to enable us to discuss such projects openly and safely, we use a generic confidentiality agreement - often referred to as a "Non-Disclosure Agreement" or "NDA".

Non-Disclosure Agreement

If the confidentiality of your project is particularly important, you can download a copy of our Non-Disclosure Agreement in .pdf format. If you already have your own NDA and would like to use this instead, please send this to us to sign if you prefer. Send us two copies of the agreement, dated and signed. A countersigned copy will be returned to you, and you will be able to discuss your project with us in detail - and in confidence.

Download a copy of WyeTec's Non-Disclosure Agreement here.

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