On-line trading and e-commerce
On-line trading and

Fully customisable e-shop with inbuilt stock management

A robust on-line shop developed to get small-to-medium sized businesses trading on-line in a professional, cost-effective way

Low overheads, no need for a physical shop front, a global market, 24 hour trading, pre-authorised credit card transactions prior to despatch of goods...

Depite the often-cited reasons for entering into e-commerce, relatively few small businesses trade on-line, and yet fewer do it successfully. With a myriad of shopping baskets to choose from, complicated site integration, or clumsy performance and limited functionality, setting up an e-commerce site can be a nightmare - which is why we designed our own proprietary on-line shop, from the end-user's perspective.

Fully-customisable e-shop with user-managed stock control system

Our fully-customisable e-commerce software, is designed to make professional on-line trading a real option for the smaller business. Based upon our proprietary shopping basket technology, each e-shop we create is customised for your business. So the shop you receive sports your own branding, a payment system of your choice*, has a stock control system that reflects your business model and is delivered to you ready to be populated and managed as you wish.

WyeTec is an Approved Partner for NoChex - the UK's leading independent provider of secure online card payments. NoChex integrates seamlessly with WyeTec's e-shop technology, making it even easier for you to get your business trading successfully on-line.

* The WyeTec e-shop currently supports WorldPay, NoChex and PayPal. Other payment gateways can be incorporated on request. The extent to which the payment gateway for any one shop can be customised to reflect your brand may depend on the gateway chosen.

Website promotion via social media

Any shop, whether on-line or on the high street, will benefit from good promotion. One of the best forms of promotion is referral. If your friend recommends something - or in Facebook terminology "Like's" it - there's a good chance you will too. Social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter thus provide an excellent way of promoting your e-commerce shop. At WyeTec, we actively encourage and help all our e-commerce clients to make the most of these powerful marketing tools.

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