Ektron corporate intranet & CMS
Ektron corporate intranet & CMS

Ektron CMS systems for web content management, social software, and marketing optimisation

Ektron enterprise content management solutions

Powerful, database-driven, searchable and multilingual – an Ektron Content Managed web site empowers those within your organisation, to maintain and develop your Internet presence in a controlled and consistent manner. An industry-standard WYSIWYG editor provides an intuitive interface for your non-technical staff to create and manage web content effectively; other tools enable straightforward search engine optimisation, site statistics analysis, creation of on-line communities and on-line publishing of your print content.

Multi-lingual support gives the ability to get your message across in whatever language you choose; web administrators can make use of approval chains and historical archives of the web site to keep track of revisions and updates.

Sophisticated menu controls, breadcrumb trails and sitemaps make for a feature-rich application that is far, far more than "just a web site".

Ektron eCommerce

A natural progression is the integration of the Ektron e-commerce facility, using your web content to covert your web management functionality into a powerful on-line commerce application.

Ektron CMS training courses

WyeTec are also skilled at designing and delivering training courses in the use of Ektron CMS systems - please ask us for current rates and fuller details.

For more information or a demonstration on the most suitable content management system to benefit your web site and your company, contact us.

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Ektron Certified Partner

As members of the Ektron Partner Program (with an Ektron Certified Developer on board as part of the team) and fully conversant with flagship systems such the CMS400, WyeTec are able to deploy a customised content management system to suit most business needs, from SMEs through to large corporates.

Ektron Certified Partner logo. This is a link to the Ektron web site (opens a new browser window)

Web Content Management, Social Software, and Marketing Optimisation
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