Machine vision & x-ray imaging
Machine vision &
x-ray imaging

Integration of image capture and imaging processing hardware and software

Machine Vision & Imaging Systems

Today's production engineers are constantly striving to produce the highest volume of output with the minimum number of defects possible. Traditionally, end-of-line inspection would be carried out manually, but this can prove unreliable and expensive.

Modern PCs, coupled with specialist image processing software and hardware can often provide a cost effective alternative, capable of uninterrupted operation twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Image Capture Systems

There are many systems available to facilitate capturing video to PC, ranging in terms of cost, performance and ease of use.

Control of high-speed, large format or high dynamic range cameras requires specialist tools - frame-grabbers with sophisticated interfaces and software to control them. The WyeTec engineers have particular experience with the Matrox Imaging Libraries, and are able to deliver systems ranging from simple capture software through to more sophisticated applications that interface with other machinery, or that authenticate captured images using digital signatures.

Automated Vision Inspection

Manual vision inspection is often associated with a host of problems, such as operator fatigue, eye strain and variations in acceptance levels. Automating such inspection can produce significant benefits, alleviating the problems associated with manual inspection, frequently at considerably lower cost.

WyeTec engineers can advise on all aspects of the Machine Vision solution, including the optimum lighting design, the selection and control of specialist cameras and, of course, the back end software to provide the information that your situation requires. In some cases this may be simple acceptance or rejection of an item, based on some pre-defined criteria, but in others quantitative measurements may need to be made and fed back to the production equipment to perform a process control function.

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