Matrox imaging
Matrox imaging

Seamless integration of Matrox frame grabbers/Matrox Imaging Library with industrial cameras

The Matrox development environment and Matrox frame grabbers

High-end imaging applications using the Matrox Imaging Library and Matrox frame grabbers

Whether your machine vision or image capture application requires complicated image processing algorithms, or just standard capture and storage functionality – a robust platform is a must. The Matrox Imaging Library and the Matrox series of frame grabbers provide a set of developer tools and hardware that integrate seamlessly with a wide range of industrial cameras – from standard analogue cameras, to high-speed and high resolution digital cameras on interfaces such as IEEE 1394 (firewire), Gigabit Ethernet (GigE), Cameralink and more.

With a particular specialism in real-time X-ray imaging, WyeTec developers are able to draw on their experience, and a library of routines and techniques developed over the years, to deliver high-end imaging applications in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Our imaging expertise is supplemented by a solid knowledge of the Microsoft .Net development platforms, SQL database design and user interface design, allowing us to take your image capture and analysis application through to a production-ready product, or to integrate with other sub-systems in your production, test or research environment.

Contact WyeTec if you have a requirement to integrate the Matrox Imaging Library and/or Matrox frame grabbers into your application.

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Matrox Imaging

WyeTec developers have 15+ years experience of working with the Matrox development environment – producing a wide variety of custom imaging applications for industry sectors as diverse as textiles, life-sciences, petro-chemicals, food industries, security and non-destructive test.

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