.NET migration
.NET Migration

Migrating a legacy application to .NET - not just a software issue

Porting Visual Studio 6 applications to the .NET platfrom

Over the last few years, Microsoft has introduced a new suite of software application development tools (Visual Studio .NET) to replace the earlier Visual Studio 6.

With the ever increasing uptake of Windows Vista / Windows 7, many applications written in Visual Studio 6 or similar platforms now need to be ported or migrated onto the newer .NET platform. Furthermore, it is likely that it is not just the technical side your legacy application needs updating, but also that your business has grown or changed, and that new or revised functionality is required also.

Application migration - what you need to consider to safeguard your business functionality

The .NET platform is very significantly different to Visual Studio 6, and there are no off-the-shelf tools that perform the job adequately. This means that migration of such applications can be a difficult and expensive task, and if not done correctly may have a negative impact on an operating business. A particular scenario may be much more complex than simply recoding an application in the newer language. There may well be other important opportunities to consider, for example:

  • Providing support for 64bit operating systems
  • Upgrading a backend database from Access or SQL 2000 to the latest SQL version
  • Upgrading from a client-server system to an Intranet or web enabled application
  • Changing the fundamental development language from C++ or Visual Basic 6 to VB.NET or C#.NET
  • Changing database access methods from ADO 2.6/2.7 to ADO.NET

There are also hardware changes to consider, such as building the newer system on a newer server, or introducing new network protocols or security models.

WyeTec developers are here to help!

WyeTec staff have many years of combined experience in both Visual Studio 6 and Visual Studio .NET, including the latest version 3.5 and can offer services at all levels. Our services include:

Scenario Assessment and Project Planning

We visit your business and assess your existing system. We will help you look at the functions it performs, and how relevant these are to your business today. We can then prepare an outline proposal with a number of options on the possible routes forward. This might include outline costing and timescales for each option. We may also suggest changes in network topology or application architecture to utilise the latest and fastest options available. Sometimes we may propose a multi-step approach in order to eliminate risk and ensure business continuity.

Recoding, porting and migration of your existing application

You may or may not have the original code for your application. WyeTec can take existing code or an existing application and build a new one based on the chosen new platform.

Database Upgrades

It may be time to upgrade your existing database. All recent WyeTec projects have used the latest version of Microsoft SQL Server, and this is usually our first choice.

Network Reconfiguration or Server Upgrades

WyeTec will assess your needs and manage any changes required.

Working Practices

Your organisation may have internal IT staff with a varied skill set, or you may outsource some of your requirements. Our developers will work with your staff or suppliers, helping them understand the new systems, so they can continue to manage them after the project is completed.

We are always available for post development support, and to resolve any issues that can occur on such a project. WyeTec prides itself on its after care service and we aim to build long term relationships with our clients.

What to do next

If you are considering a migration project, then contact us for an informal discussion. We will usually then arrange to visit you without obligation for an initial assessment of your needs. You'll find our staff friendly and knowledgeable and generally able to answer your questions on the spot.

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