OEM services
OEM services

OEM services - a vital component in your supply chain

OEM services

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are used across industry – whereby products or components are manufactured by one company but either as an unbranded (white label) product, or branded on behalf of another company.

OEMs make for an essential part of the product supply chain, and allow organisations large and small to leverage expertise in specialised fields that is supplementary to their core business activities.

Ideal for imaging solutions and embedded systems

WyeTec act as an OEM for a number of clients, building and supplying white-label or branded sub-assemblies that are built into the final end products. This approach is particularly popular with some of our imaging solutions and embedded systems, the build of which usually requires some specialist skill, equipment, or software licensing agreements. And by pooling our buying power from some key suppliers, we are usually able to supply sub-assemblies at extremely competitive prices.

Using WyeTec's OEM services means that we take care of matters such as component obsolescence – a particularly relevant issue for embedded systems. OEM components are usually supplied with a 1 year parts and labour guarantee. In some cases, we are also able to hold stock of certain key components, ensuring that lead times are kept to a minimum and that your supply chain runs as smoothly as possible.

If your development project is one that will lead to the regular supply of a product based upon the development work we've done – our OEM services may save you time and money, allowing you to concentrate on the production and sales of your main product.

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