Security & NDT

Specialised software development for security and non destructive testing applications

Security and NDT (non-destructive testing)

Industry leaders in specialist software development

WyeTec originated from an environment working with real-time microfocus X-ray systems for non-destructive test and security applications – an industry sector within which we have gained significant experience, and in which we continue to specialise.

Software written by WyeTec developers has been installed in numerous blue-chip organisations, including many of the world's leading semi-conductor and electronics manufacturers. Previously developed non-destructive testing (NDT) and security applications have included X-ray control, machine vision, mobile surveillance, non-intrusive surveillance, safety systems monitoring and robotic control. Such systems have been integrated with production-line systems, remote operation, central database and reporting systems, bar code scanners/matrix scanners, and much more.

Many of the above projects are, by their very nature, of a commercially sensitive nature or have security implications. To allow such projects to be discussed and developed, we can agree to to enter into a two-way confidentiality agreement (NDA).

Please read more about this on our project confidentiality web page should you wish to discuss a confidential project with us.

Contact us if you have a requirement to develop a security and/or non destructive testing application.

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