Specialist software development
Specialist software development

Specialised industrial software development

Unique software for specific applications - specialists in systems integration

Custom software, Windows® Embedded, .NET migration, databases, business systems and CMS implementation

To fully exploit the technology and software available nowadays, to stay one step ahead of the competition, requires dedicated personnel with a flair for IT - programming, development and project management resources that are not always available in-house.

Specialising in writing bespoke software, in particular for industrial applications, WyeTec can support and enable your business by creating key solutions that get your business processes running smoothly, efficently and effectively. We have an excellent track record of working as systems integrators and you'll be pleased to know that we do not outsource any of our work. Everything is done "in-house" and your point of contact will be a qualified expert in custom software development.

Windows® Embedded

When you need to develop a product using the powerful Windows® operating system but have a requirement to brand this as your own, Windows® Embedded may be the answer you're looking for.

Custom software applications

Custom software applications from WyeTec can help your business operate more efficiently, enabling the creation of products and services appropriate for you and your customers without compromising or diluting the efforts of your in-house development team.

.NET migration

Recoding an application in a newer language - such as Visual Studio/Visual Basic 6 to Visual Studio .NET - is becoming a necessity for many businesses needing to maintain their desktop applications or client-server systems. WyeTec staff are experienced in porting or migrating applications written in Visual Studio 6 onto the newer .NET platform.

Database development

Behind every successful business is data: customer and supplier records, accounting information, product and service details, marketing campaigns. Database design is about organising your business data in such a way that it can be accessed easily, and efficiently. More and more systems are becoming web-based to enable remote access. This is where WyeTec's expertise comes to the the forefront; with proven capabilities in database design and CRM systems now is a good time for you to talk to us about how your database could be deployed - and how your staff need to interact with it.

Ektron enterprise content management solutions

Moreover, we are certified Ektron CMS developers with considerable experience in customising and developing Ektron CMS systems for web content management, social software, and marketing optimisation.

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