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With extensive experience of key Microsoft® technologies and both the regular and embedded versions of the Windows® operating systems, the WyeTec software development team develops innovative and robust custom software applications for their clients. Software written by our developers has a truly international install base, with some of our OEM products being installed in almost every country in the world.

Although a number of our customers remain anonymous, amongst our present and previous clients we include Inverness Medical / Unipath, Qioptiq Ltd, Cheques Cashers Ltd, The Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, BP Chemicals, The University of Liverpool (CIMS), Novartis/Hilleshog, Thales Air Traffic Management, Electron-X Ltd and The Science & Society Picture Library (National Science Museum).

Our portfolio pages detail a small selection of the custom software development and other projects we have undertaken:

Vision inspection system for computer-based microscopy

MiFare contactless (RF) smart card application

Life sciences project for a specialist photonics client, comprising a vision inspection system for a dedicated (embedded) computer-based microscopy unit

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MiFare Access Control System - secure smart card authentication for a customised embedded software application using MiFare contactless (RF) smart cards.

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High-speed video capture for X-ray application

Windows Embedded-based security X-ray imaging system

BP Chemicals – high-speed video capture for X-ray application
Capture of video from a specialised high-resolution, high frame-rate 12 bit digital camera, installed in conjunction with an X-ray image intensifier.

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Using Windows Embedded for a security X-ray imaging system
Dedicated image capture and analysis system based on Windows® Embedded operating system to provide standalone X-ray imaging (threat detection / package screening).

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Content Managed Website – Sitefinity CMS

Content Managed Website – Sitefinity CMS

A corporate level website for a process industry client, built on the market leading Sitefinity CMS (Content Management System).

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An on-line magazine designed to generate revenue from advertising in a parallel printed publication , built using the Sitefinity Content Management System.

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Content Managed Website – Ektron CMS 400

Secure, custom-built client-server application

A powerful and versatile new self-managed website developed for a construction industry client using the Ektron CMS 400. BDL Group
A powerful and versatile new self-managed website developed for a construction industry client using the Ektron CMS 400.

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This custom-developed Microsoft .Net “winforms” client application software for a print industry client utilises a MS SQL database.
Custom-developed client-server application for barcode generation for a print industry client.

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Bespoke client-server IT system

Customised web-based business system (CRM)

Desktop client application linked to a central database, with an administration client to provide back-end functions and reports for a finance industry client.

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Design, specification and development of a new Intranet / Extranet based Customer Relations Management system (CRM) for a process industry client.

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E-commerce web site - Beautiful Bedlinen

E-commerce web site - LED Caving Lamps

Beautiful Bedlinen logo
Development of a complete e-commerce solution for a retailer of high quality brand-name bed linen and accessories.

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Custom-built e-commerce web site for an LED caving / mining lamp retailer for an expanding range of specialist lighting products.

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Custom software applications from a partner you can trust

Whatever the size of your organisation, WyeTec can work with you to ensure your project is a success. We work with a wide range of clients - from small and micro businesses to prestige corporate clients - producing novel and solidly-crafted custom software solutions for a variety of technical challenges and market sectors.

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 Core Skills:

Microsoft® ASP.Net
Microsoft® ASP.Net
Matrox Imaging Library
Matrox Imaging logo
Windows® Embedded
Microsoft® Windows® Embedded Partner logo
Microsoft® SQL Server
Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft® Visual Studio
Microsoft Visual Studio logo
MiFare contactless RFID
smart card technology
MiFare logo
Nochex - Online
Payment Services
Nochex - Online Payment Services logo. This is a link to the NoChex web site (opens a new browser window)
Adobe® Flash
Adobe Flash
Windows® Server / IIS
Windows Server / IIS
Sitefinity CMS
Sitefinity CMS
Ektron CMS
Ektron CMS




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